1. Moisturizing

Keeping your hands’ skin moisturized is the base of having healthier hands, fingers, and nails. Always, carry hand lotion, cream, or cuticle balm in the purse. Applying cuticle oil lets you massage them increasing the blood circulation and stimulates nail growth. Olive oil, coconut oil or even petroleum jelly are all off the shelf solutions.

  1. Nails’ cleanliness

Water exposure dehydrates the nail beds, leading to brittle, dry, cracked or even start to peel nails. Remember solemnly to wear gloves when doing dishes, cleaning around the house or especially while handling harsh chemicals! Remember moisturizing is necessary for you.

  1. Nails are not easy to access tools!

Avoid using them to scratch a sticker, or to pry it off! Do not open a can of soda with your nails; they were not made for that! Mainly avoid anything that places extra stress or pressure on the nail plate. It is a much safer choice to use a real tool instead, nails are fingertips protectors and having them damaged beyond repair is not an aim nor an accident!

  1. Vitamins, nail nutrition

B vitamin is found naturally in plenty of foods but is also available as a supplement. It does wonders to hair, skin, and nails. Moreover, it may increase nail thickness and can protect them from splitting and breaking. Vitamin E is also extremely helpful it could be orally consumed as a pill, or even apply Vitamin E gel directly on the nails.

  1. Nail Polish, for beauty and health?

Nail polish gives your nails support and protection. It makes nails less vulnerable to damage or breaking. The right way is to use a base coat, apply two thin coats of colored polish and finish with a topcoat. A full manicure once a week is highly advised. Not a fan of the color or too lazy? Try neutral polish or a nail strengthener.

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