Having that beautiful skin you have always dreamed of, begins with loving it. Once, you start loving it, you can have that beautiful skin you always dreamed of. Whether porcelain, sun-kissed or even any other skin complication out there, Love it, nurture it, Care for it, Protect it and you will always radiate with charm and natural beauty! People with glamorous beautiful radiating skin share the secrets they follow. 5 habits, that you should follow too!

  1. Never hot!

Many think that hot water is good for clear skin, but it is the contrary. The higher the temperature the more exhausted your skin is going to look. It strips all the natural oils away, dehydrating your skin and it widens the pores! Moreover, it dilates your blood vessels and capillaries, making your face and body look blotchy! Running water and warmth that does not exceed 40 degrees are more than enough! Always test it on the inside of the wrists. Nobody wants exhausted skin that looks burned or dried out!

  1. Exercise daily!

Exercising for half an hour a day would boost up your blood circulation. Better blood circulation means glowing skin as it nourishes your skin with essential nutrients and oxygen it needs. It gets your skin to breath and stimulates elasticity. Do you want to get rid of toxins? Hit the gym, and always remember to cleanse your skin afterward. Getting rid of those toxins does not mean you leave them on your skin to marinate it after you work out!

  1. Fight dehydration!

The skin might not be able to signal you when it is thirsty. However, it will show you signs that would require time to reverse, if you ever could reverse them. Hence, hydrating skin, no matter its nature, or complexion is crucial for its health. Drinking plenty of water is one thing, applying a nutritious rich moisturizer as often as you could to hydrate, strengthen, and protect.

  1. Ready, Steady, Protect!

Harmful Sun Exposure speeds up aging, causing skin collagen to break down, and leading fine lines, hyperpigmentation and sagging! Maintain beautiful skin by coating SPF30+ sunscreen liberally. Not only when you go out in the sun and definitely not once. Therefore, Reapplication is necessary, especially in sunny cities like Dubai!

  1. Sleep to rebuild!

Beauty sleep will never be an outdated cliché; it is nature’s most powerful and affordable beauty treatment. Having proper 8-hour sleep at night plays a role in repairing damaged cells and increasing collagen production. Napping relaxes your skin and gives the body to cool down and neutralize its circulation as well.

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