What Is the Best Hair Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair?

Are you currently struggling with dull, dry, unmanageable and brittle hair? You’re not alone. Lucky for you, we’ll be sharing the best treatments that will not only bring back some much-needed moisture to your hair, but will also feed it with nutrients that will repair damage, soften your strands, increase shine and boost your hair color. However, before we go into the best treatments for your hair, we’d like to address the root of the problem: what causes dryness and damage, and how can you avoid it.

What Causes Damaged Hair?

There are various reasons as to why your hair becomes dry and damaged. It could be the constant use of too many chemicals which over-process the hair, for example, constant coloring or using chemicals to straighten or curl your hair. A good rule to follow to prevent this damage, is to never do more than two processes to your hair in the same visit.

Another reason is the frequent use of hot tools. Blow-drying and using straightening or curling irons too often heats up your hair strands and sucks the moisture right out of them, resulting in damaged and brittle hair. To prevent this, avoid using hot tools as much as possible, and when you do, turn the heat setting down and use protective sprays to cut down on the damage.

Other potential causes of dry hair are frequent washings and over-shampooing, using too many styling products, overexposure to environmental elements and using certain medications.

The Best Hair Treatments for Dry Damaged Hair

To treat dry hair, we recommend using good hair treatments that will replenish your hair’s moisture and seal the cuticle to trap in moisture and prevent any further loss and damage, thereby increasing shine and manageability. For best results, we recommend using a hair treatment at least once every week.

When looking to buy hair treatments that combat dryness, it’s important that they use key ingredients. The ones you should be looking for are those that use soothing botanical oils, such as baobab seed oil as well as natural oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which will absorb completely into the hair without feeling heavy or greasy, unlike other oils.

There you have it, our recommendations for treating dry, damaged hair. However, in order to end the damage and see results, it’s important to change some of your bad hair habits and replace them with healthy hair habits instead. Treat your hair to deep conditioning and moisturizing treatments regularly, to stimulate the growth of new, shiny, healthier-looking hair.

At Piano beauty salon, we can help you repair and reverse your damaged hair, if you’d like to book an appointment with one of our talented stylists, call or visit us today.

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