What is the best treatment for pigmentation?

Skin care is one of the most vital beauty routines in every beautiful woman’s life. Beauty marks or birthmarks could add beauty to some, while others could suffer from pigmentation. For many, heavy makeup might seem to be the key answer. However, this would lead to skin complications on the long term. Before answering what is the best method to get rid of pigmentation, especially on the face, find more about pigmentation.

What is it?

It occurs when the skin produces more melanin. Melanin is the the pigment that gives skin its color. This could lead to making spots or even skin patches that would appear darker than the rest of the skin surface. Pigmentation is common affects people of all skin types.

What are its types?

Sun exposure is responsible for some types including Melasma and sunspots. They are more likely to affect areas of skin including the face, arms, and legs. Other types would appear or form because of an injury, an inflammation, healing cuts, burns, acne, or even lupus. Having extra pigment in some areas of skin is usually harmless unless it indicates another medical complication or condition.

What is the best treatment for pigmentation?

In order to treat it we need to make sure that we stop it from becoming more prominent by:

  • Avoiding exposure to the sun.
  • Using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher
  • Reapplying sunscreen every couple of hours whether it is sunny or not!
  • Avoiding picking at the skin after an injury, spots, scabs, and acne


Beauticians and skin care experts also advice with some natural treatments:

As long as the skin is not allergic to any of them, those treatments may be able to reduce and lighten up pigmentation:

  • Aloe Vera

In aloe vera, a compound may lighten pigmentation. Aloesin is that compound and it works by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin. Moreover, taking aloe vera capsules can relieve Melasma in pregnant women. Aloe vera gel could be used from the plant directly to the skin daily. The effectiveness of using this solution depends on how the body reacts to the use of the Aloe.

  • Licorice

Licorice extracts may help in lightening pigmentation. Licorice extract called Glabridin can have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and skin-whitening effects. Products containing Glabridin are available at digital and non-digital venues.

  • Green tea

Green tea extract shave potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Whether using a mask, or a cream, it works as calming factor that helps skin to cool down.

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