What is the best treatment for pigmentation?

Skin care is one of the most vital beauty routines in every beautiful woman’s life. Beauty marks or birthmarks could add beauty to some, while others could suffer from pigmentation. For many, heavy makeup might seem to be the key answer. However, this would lead to skin complications on the long term. Before answering what is the best method to get rid of pigmentation, especially on the face, find more about pigmentation.

What is it?

It occurs when the skin produces more melanin. Melanin is the the pigment that gives skin its color. This could lead to making spots or even skin patches that would appear darker than the rest of the skin surface. Pigmentation is common affects people of all skin types.

What are its types?

Sun exposure is responsible for some types including Melasma and sunspots. They are more likely to affect areas of skin including the face, arms, and legs. Other types would appear or form because of an injury, an inflammation, healing cuts, burns, acne, or even lupus. Having extra pigment in some areas of skin is usually harmless unless it indicates another medical complication or condition.

What is the best treatment for pigmentation?

In order to treat it we need to make sure that we stop it from becoming more prominent by:

  • Avoiding exposure to the sun.
  • Using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher
  • Reapplying sunscreen every couple of hours whether it is sunny or not!
  • Avoiding picking at the skin after an injury, spots, scabs, and acne


Beauticians and skin care experts also advice with some natural treatments:

As long as the skin is not allergic to any of them, those treatments may be able to reduce and lighten up pigmentation:

  • Aloe Vera

In aloe vera, a compound may lighten pigmentation. Aloesin is that compound and it works by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin. Moreover, taking aloe vera capsules can relieve Melasma in pregnant women. Aloe vera gel could be used from the plant directly to the skin daily. The effectiveness of using this solution depends on how the body reacts to the use of the Aloe.

  • Licorice

Licorice extracts may help in lightening pigmentation. Licorice extract called Glabridin can have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and skin-whitening effects. Products containing Glabridin are available at digital and non-digital venues.

  • Green tea

Green tea extract shave potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Whether using a mask, or a cream, it works as calming factor that helps skin to cool down.

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What Is the Best Hair Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair?

Are you currently struggling with dull, dry, unmanageable and brittle hair? You’re not alone. Lucky for you, we’ll be sharing the best treatments that will not only bring back some much-needed moisture to your hair, but will also feed it with nutrients that will repair damage, soften your strands, increase shine and boost your hair color. However, before we go into the best treatments for your hair, we’d like to address the root of the problem: what causes dryness and damage, and how can you avoid it.

What Causes Damaged Hair?

There are various reasons as to why your hair becomes dry and damaged. It could be the constant use of too many chemicals which over-process the hair, for example, constant coloring or using chemicals to straighten or curl your hair. A good rule to follow to prevent this damage, is to never do more than two processes to your hair in the same visit.

Another reason is the frequent use of hot tools. Blow-drying and using straightening or curling irons too often heats up your hair strands and sucks the moisture right out of them, resulting in damaged and brittle hair. To prevent this, avoid using hot tools as much as possible, and when you do, turn the heat setting down and use protective sprays to cut down on the damage.

Other potential causes of dry hair are frequent washings and over-shampooing, using too many styling products, overexposure to environmental elements and using certain medications.

The Best Hair Treatments for Dry Damaged Hair

To treat dry hair, we recommend using good hair treatments that will replenish your hair’s moisture and seal the cuticle to trap in moisture and prevent any further loss and damage, thereby increasing shine and manageability. For best results, we recommend using a hair treatment at least once every week.

When looking to buy hair treatments that combat dryness, it’s important that they use key ingredients. The ones you should be looking for are those that use soothing botanical oils, such as baobab seed oil as well as natural oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which will absorb completely into the hair without feeling heavy or greasy, unlike other oils.

There you have it, our recommendations for treating dry, damaged hair. However, in order to end the damage and see results, it’s important to change some of your bad hair habits and replace them with healthy hair habits instead. Treat your hair to deep conditioning and moisturizing treatments regularly, to stimulate the growth of new, shiny, healthier-looking hair.

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Having that beautiful skin you have always dreamed of, begins with loving it. Once, you start loving it, you can have that beautiful skin you always dreamed of. Whether porcelain, sun-kissed or even any other skin complication out there, Love it, nurture it, Care for it, Protect it and you will always radiate with charm and natural beauty! People with glamorous beautiful radiating skin share the secrets they follow. 5 habits, that you should follow too!

  1. Never hot!

Many think that hot water is good for clear skin, but it is the contrary. The higher the temperature the more exhausted your skin is going to look. It strips all the natural oils away, dehydrating your skin and it widens the pores! Moreover, it dilates your blood vessels and capillaries, making your face and body look blotchy! Running water and warmth that does not exceed 40 degrees are more than enough! Always test it on the inside of the wrists. Nobody wants exhausted skin that looks burned or dried out!

  1. Exercise daily!

Exercising for half an hour a day would boost up your blood circulation. Better blood circulation means glowing skin as it nourishes your skin with essential nutrients and oxygen it needs. It gets your skin to breath and stimulates elasticity. Do you want to get rid of toxins? Hit the gym, and always remember to cleanse your skin afterward. Getting rid of those toxins does not mean you leave them on your skin to marinate it after you work out!

  1. Fight dehydration!

The skin might not be able to signal you when it is thirsty. However, it will show you signs that would require time to reverse, if you ever could reverse them. Hence, hydrating skin, no matter its nature, or complexion is crucial for its health. Drinking plenty of water is one thing, applying a nutritious rich moisturizer as often as you could to hydrate, strengthen, and protect.

  1. Ready, Steady, Protect!

Harmful Sun Exposure speeds up aging, causing skin collagen to break down, and leading fine lines, hyperpigmentation and sagging! Maintain beautiful skin by coating SPF30+ sunscreen liberally. Not only when you go out in the sun and definitely not once. Therefore, Reapplication is necessary, especially in sunny cities like Dubai!

  1. Sleep to rebuild!

Beauty sleep will never be an outdated cliché; it is nature’s most powerful and affordable beauty treatment. Having proper 8-hour sleep at night plays a role in repairing damaged cells and increasing collagen production. Napping relaxes your skin and gives the body to cool down and neutralize its circulation as well.

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We all want to wake up with that perfect Hollywood face. Unless you go to bed and have a professional makeup artist do your make up during your sleep, it will not come out like that. Nevertheless, there are some beauty secret tips that nobody cares to highlight for you. However, there are some other tips that all beauty experts agree on, and keep stressing on the fact that to have that model kind of radiating, age-defying beauty. Piano Beauty Salon, the best beauty salon in Dubai, has compiled the ultimate beauty secrets to give you everything you need to know about beauty!

  1. Beauty comes from within
    It means that we have to believe in our inner beauty, this is step one. Afterward comes nutrition and feeding that beauty. Eating a balanced healthy diet makes up for the needs of your body. Hair, skin, and nails Drinking plenty of water helps both the internal functions of your body and give you that healthy elastic glowing skin. A well-fed, well-hydrated body reflects healthiness and beauty that beats all high-end products!
  2. Rest and Recharge
    Sleeping 8 hours and napping do pay off! Beauty sleep is called that name for a reason. It helps your body rebuilds damaged cells and boosts the collagen production. Napping refreshes your entire body giving it a chance to washes off exhaust inside out.
  3. Masks and scrubs do work!
    Hair masks, skin masks, they do work and help. The trick here is choosing what works best for your skin type, and your hair type. Overnight hair masks and nutritious serums do wonders, yet again choose what works for your hair not what looked good in a tutorial! Scrubs and exfoliations they are vital, but always be picky! Understand the nature of your skin, how it would react to different ingredients.
  4. Makeup tutorial goes wrong!
    Thickening your eyebrows, using the wrong shades, not blending enough, and clumping mascara by applying multiple coats. All these are makeup mistake that would harm your final appearance. Cheap products would harm your skin. So two golden rules, invest in high-quality makeup and the other is, Compliment what you already have, by defining and highlighting your beauty traits.
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  1. Moisturizing

Keeping your hands’ skin moisturized is the base of having healthier hands, fingers, and nails. Always, carry hand lotion, cream, or cuticle balm in the purse. Applying cuticle oil lets you massage them increasing the blood circulation and stimulates nail growth. Olive oil, coconut oil or even petroleum jelly are all off the shelf solutions.

  1. Nails’ cleanliness

Water exposure dehydrates the nail beds, leading to brittle, dry, cracked or even start to peel nails. Remember solemnly to wear gloves when doing dishes, cleaning around the house or especially while handling harsh chemicals! Remember moisturizing is necessary for you.

  1. Nails are not easy to access tools!

Avoid using them to scratch a sticker, or to pry it off! Do not open a can of soda with your nails; they were not made for that! Mainly avoid anything that places extra stress or pressure on the nail plate. It is a much safer choice to use a real tool instead, nails are fingertips protectors and having them damaged beyond repair is not an aim nor an accident!

  1. Vitamins, nail nutrition

B vitamin is found naturally in plenty of foods but is also available as a supplement. It does wonders to hair, skin, and nails. Moreover, it may increase nail thickness and can protect them from splitting and breaking. Vitamin E is also extremely helpful it could be orally consumed as a pill, or even apply Vitamin E gel directly on the nails.

  1. Nail Polish, for beauty and health?

Nail polish gives your nails support and protection. It makes nails less vulnerable to damage or breaking. The right way is to use a base coat, apply two thin coats of colored polish and finish with a topcoat. A full manicure once a week is highly advised. Not a fan of the color or too lazy? Try neutral polish or a nail strengthener.

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